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Dear IRA/Pension/HSA personnel:

CWF has offered a toll-free IRA/pension consulting service since 1984. We are experienced (i.e old), but a good old.

IRAs, retirement plans, HSAs, CESAs are special tax preferred accounts with which we have substantial experience.

Between the IRS, Congress, and customers, IRA and Qualified Plan personnel are constantly being challenged with new questions, issues and problems. A major problem may institutions have is that their IRA and retirement plan personnel cannot get immediate and reliable answers to their questons.

When you purchase our consulting service, you get unlimited us of our toll-free "800" number, and unlimited access to our experienced attorneys and pension specialists. With a consulting staff that averages over a decade of experience, we can usually give you an immediate answer to your questions. At times we will need to do research and call/email/fax you the answer.

CWF's IRA and HSA procedures manuals complement our consulting services. Often we are able to answer more quickly a caller's questions since we will reference where the subject matter is being discussed in the manual.

You Institution will surely benefit from using our IRA, pension and HSA consulting services. You may use our consulting service for a 15 day trial period at NO charge.


James M. Carlson, J.D.




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