Consulting for Employers

We are glad to assist you and other employers with your 401(k) and other pension questions. Establishing and administering a 401(k) plan or other pension plan is complex. It is complex because pension laws are primarily a federal income tax subject. However, it is also complex because there must be compliance with Department of Labor laws and regulations.

We have worked in the pension field for over 30 years. Administering a 401(k) plan as required by law is extremely important for tax and non-tax reasons. IRS guidance is not what it once was.

We understand the IRS' position and the DOL's position. Most often the IRS and DOL guidance should be followed. There are some exceptions that we will explain when an employer may choose to not follow the IRS and the DOL.

We are here to assist. Please send your email to

Briefly describe your question or situation. In some cases, we will answer your question with no charge and in other cases we will quote you a fee for our services.

As in everything, it is important to understand when a specialists can do something more cost effectively than you can yourself.

James M. Carlson, J.D.