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IRA Procedures Manual
available in software or printed format

CWF's IRA Procedures Manual
will help you operate in compliance with IRA Rules

CWF's IRA Procedures Manual on CD gives you the power to research and answer your client's questions with the stroke of a key, while your customer is waiting. The software may be used on a single work station or an network.Updated for EGTRRA to help you operate in compliance with IRA rules - for traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs.

A valuable resource to you and your staff:
  • Beginning with a definition and explanation of what an IRA is, CWF's IRA Procedures Manual progresses systematically through the many steps in administrating an IRA. The manual addresses problem situations and offers solutions.
  • This IRA Procedures Manual provides IRA personnel with clear, well-organized information on how the properly document transactions such as opening an account, transferring or rolling over an IRA, making IRA distributions and much more.
  • The manual explains when a form must be used, what must be completed, and why it must be completed. Examples of forms are provided, as well as up-to-date information on IRA rules.
  • CWF's IRA Procedures Manual is a comprehensive resource you can use to train new personnel and instruct them in the many of the basic rules governing IRAs.
Manual Chapters
  • What is an IRA
  • Steps to Properly Establish an IRA
  • Investment Options & Prohibited Transactions
  • Steps to Properly Amend an IRA
  • Administer Contributions & Year-End Reporting
  • Tax Benefits - Deduction and/or Deferral of Taxation
  • Transfers, Rollovers and Direct Rollovers
  • Administering Distributions
  • Administering RMDs to a Living Accountholder
  • Administering RMDs to Beneficiaries
  • Substantially Equal Periodic Payments
  • Withdrawal of Current-Year and Excess Contributions
  • Taxation of Distributions
  • Reporting Penalties & Excise Taxes
  • Marketing & Miscellaneous Topics
  • Simplified Employee Pensions
  • Self-Directed and Trust IRAs
  • Magnetic Media Filing Requirements
  • IRS Publication 590
  • IRS Publication 560




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