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IRA / HSA Procedure Manuals

Dear IRA/Pension/HSA personnel:

CWF has published our comprehensive IRA procedures manual since 1987 and our HSA procedures manual since 2004. Excellent IRA administration starts and ends with excellent procedures consistently followed. Administering and servicing IRAs has become more complicated. Administering each of the four IRA types is different.

There are now more non-spouse beneficiary situations and rollovers, direct rollovers and transfers are more complicated. IRS reporting is still complicated. The purpose of our IRA and HSA procedures manual is to provide guidance so your institution may perform its IRA and HSA duties competently and quickly. Understanding what needs to be done and how to do it is critically important.

We strive to keep things simple. CWF's comprehensive IRA Procedures Manual provides IRA personnel with clear, well-organized information on how to properly process and document IRA transactions. This manual discusses thorougly the establishment, the making of all IRA contributions, including rollovers and transfers and the handling of distributions. Numerous IRA administration forms are discussed and explained. IRS guidance is thoroughly discussed. There are times a financial institution wants to do more than the IRS requires. CWF's IRA and HSA procedures manuals complement our consulting services. Often, we are able to answer more quickly a caller's questions since we will reference where the subject matter is being discussed in the manual. Your institution will surely benefit from using our IRA and HSA procedures manuals. Our manuals come in either Software or manual format. Sincerely,

James M. Carlson, J.D.

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Your manual will be shipped to you as soon as we have received the signed contract. The 30-day trial period will begin on the date of the contract is signed by your institution. You will receive an invoice soon after you receive your manual. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the invoice and the manual (at your expense) within the 30-day period and owe nothing .

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