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"An easy, accurate way to perform all
HSA documentation and administrative tasks"

We don't have to tell you that HSA documentation can be confusing. There can numerous types of HSA transactions, all requiring different documents. Many times HSA personnel have questions about which forms need to be completed and how to complete them.

CWF has developed this software system specifically to improve customer service and to be cost-effective with respect to preparing HSA administration documentation.

Comprehensive Coverage and Better Compliance:
This large selection of forms allows HSA personnel to handle almost every type of HSA transaction imaginable - for either regular or self-directed HSAs.
The forms are intentionally dual-designed to furnish the accountholder with a comprehensive explanation of the HSA transaction while promoting the interest of the HSA custodian. Specialty HSA forms allow for better administration, better customer service and they limit any potential liability for the financial institution.


All of CWF Software can be utilized in any Windows and Networking environments.
These specialty forms are included in this system.
  • Topical Arrangement of HSA Forms:
    The system is designed to simplify the HSA tasks for the user. HSA transactions have been classified into various categories or topics. The user selects the right topic and then is informed what forms need to be completed.

  • Step-by-Step Direction to Complete each Form:
    This system will guide the user through the completion of each form. This system will indicated whether the completion of a certain section of the form is mandatory or permissive.

  • Individual Listings of ALL forms:
    For the user who knows exactly which form or forms he or she wishes to produce, the system will allow the production of individual forms and will not require the use of the topical method.

  • History of all completed forms:
    As the user inputs information into the system, every one of the HSA transactions will be stored. You may use this information in any number of ways.

  • Reduced Costs - Save Labor and Increase Productivity:
    Maintaining inventories of paper forms can be expensive. This is especially true of you only use small quantities of various forms. Within a short time, your HSA personnel will be able to produce more efficiently the necessary HSA documents than a typewriter or manual system.

  • Easy to "Customize" the System for your Institution:
    Your institution may wish to use only certain selected forms. It is easy to "mask" or "shut off" these other forms so your HSA personnel cannot use them.

  • Staying Abreast of Law and Regulatory Changes:
    It is much easier for CWF and the HSA Custodian to update forms via the internet. There will no longer be any outdated inventory to remove from the shelf.

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