CWF's Guidance on Transfers and Direct Rollovers


Direct rollovers from 401(k) plans into traditional IRAs average more than $75,000.

The tax rules applying to a transfer contribution are very different from those applying to rollover contribution (direct or indirect).

Procedures must exist to minimize IRA custodian errors. Errors arise because IRA personnel do not understand that the tax rules differ from transfers and direct rollovers. They are not the same and IRA staff sometimes fail to know this.

For example, a check for $65,000 is sent to First State Bank (FSB) fbo Jane Doe's traditional IRA. The personnel of First State Bank process the contribution as a transfer as they forget to ask the question, "what type of plan issued the check?". The problem is, the check was issued because Jane Doe had instructed her former employer's 401(k) plan to directly roll over her 401(k) funds to a traditional IRA. Since the check was processed as a transfer, FSB did not report this contribution on the Form 5498 as a rollover as it is required to do. No doubt the IRS will contact your customer who will contact you and the IRS will be interested in learning why FSB did not report this rollover on the Form 5498.

Solution. Determine that you and your IRA staff know what is needed to be known regarding transfers, direct rollovers and rollovers. We at CWF can assist. Call us at 800.346.3961 or visit our website for information on webinars, IRA Tests, IRA Procedure Manual and IRA Rollover Certification Forms.

If your IRA rollover form has a print or revision date prior to 2015, it is obsolete and should be discarded.


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