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IRA Administration

IRAs can mean significant deposits and enhanced profitability for financial institutions. Customers retirement assets are extremely important to them, and they must be assured that these assets are being handled properly. The IRS also demands strict compliance with IRA rules and regulations.

To properly administer IRAs, financial institutions must be equipped to satisfy both their customers and the IRS.

Administering IRAs often means using the services of an outside administrator. In today's tighter, more competitive IRA market, finding qualify administrative services at a reasonable price is a key of having a profitable IRA program.

Collin W. Fritz and Associates is committed to being your partner in helping you offer quality service at an affordable price. We have the technical expertise to properly administer your IRAs, at prices that are very reasonable.

We can accept information either electronically or on printed materials. Reports can also be submitted to you either electronically, or we will ship them to you as necessary.

We can customize interfaces into your existing Host system eliminating tedious data entry.


  • We prepare all necessary government reports,
    such as 5498s, 1099-Rs.
  • Prepare customer statements and various other reports for your institution.
  • Inform you when customers must take distributions and what the minimum amount
    must be
  • Prepare documents informing you of customers turning age 70½
  • Customers with outstanding RMDs.
  • Produce RMD letters for your customers and mail them for you.
  • "The Pension Digest" monthly newsletter
  • Access to our toll-free consulting service.
  • Submit required reports to the IRS electronically as needed
  • Interest Accrual also available
  • If you wish to look at administering your own IRA Accounts
  • Look at our IRA Administrative Software IRAAD™
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