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RMD Administration

Required Minimum Distribution Headaches ?

How to calculate the RMD for an Inherited IRA ?

... then you need MINCAL™ !

We don't have to tell you that calculating minimum distributions is one of the most complex aspects of IRA administration. It's also an important part of staying in compliance with the IRS rules and avoiding heavy penalties.

CWF's MINCAL was specifically designed to save time and money when administering minimum distribution calculations.

This innovative software will enable you to do the following, helping you to provide excellent customer service and stay in compliance.

  • Calculate your customer's Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • Calculates RMD if Accountholder dies before Required Beginning Date
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Assist Customers in Choosing Distribution Options with Side-by-side Option Projections
  • Exchange data between PC and host system via ASCII download, priced on a quotation basis
  • Track Past and Future Payouts

This innovative software will:

  • Calculate Customer's Required Minimum Distribution
  • Assist Customers in choosing Distribution options
  • Track Past and Future Payouts
  • Generate Administrative Reports
  • Eliminate the Risk of RMD error
  • Calculation of RMD of an Inherited IRA
  • Produces RMD Notices sent in January of every Year
  • Allows for production of customer modifiable Letters that can be mail-merged
  • Maintains an Audit of Customer Correspondence
  • Provide Worksheets for Customer and Institution file use
  • Maintain an Unlimited Number of Instruments per IRA
  • Maintain an unlimited number of Plans per Accountholder
  • Create Custom, Mail-merged Correspondence to Customers
  • Provide System Security
  • Generate Administrative Reports
  • Virtually eliminate the Risk of RMD Error Liability
  • Provides networking capability


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