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Latest IRA and Pension News

  • President Obama Signs the Budget/Tax Bill on December 18, 2015
  • Great News - Major Exception Created to the $250 Per Incorrect Form 1099-R Penalty
  • IRA Amendments Being Required For 2015-2016
  • An IRA Distribution May Disqualify a Person for the Premium Tax Credit
  • 2015 IRA Contribution Deadline is Monday April 18, 2016 Due to Emancipation day
  • QCD Rules Extended Permanently
  • IRS Announces 2016 Limits for IRAs and Pension Plans
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions in 2015
  • The Obama Administration Proposes Taxing Some Roth IRA Distributions and Proposes Other Law Changes
  • SIMPLE-IRA Summary Description - IRA Custodian Must Furnish By October 2015 for 2016
  • Roth IRA Conversions, Is it Worthwhile For a Person to Change State of Residence Before converting?
  • A Person's 2015 Tax Filing Deadline is Either April 18, 2016 or April 19, 2016
  • IRS Adopts Permanent Penalty Relief Program for Sponsors of One Person Plans Who Failed to File One or More 5500-EZ Forms
  • Answers to IRA Test # 501
  • The Inter play of RMD's and Rollovers
  • IRS Issues 2016 Indexed Amounts for HSAs
  • Lack of IRS Transparency Regarding the Requirement, if any, to furnish RMD Amount and date to the IRS on E-version of the 2014 Form 5498
  • DOL Re-Proposes Rule on Definition of a Fiduciary for IRAs and Pension Plans
  • Understanding Ages 70, 70½, 71 and RMDs and the Final IRA Contribution - Even the IRS Gets it Wrong
  • What to Do - A Person wants to Make a Charitable Contribution in 2015
  • IRS Guidance - Errors on Form 5498 by Custodian May Cause Tax Trouble for Everyone
  • CWF's Guide for the IRS Distribution Codes for Box 7 of the 2015 Form 1099-R

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